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A home inspection with us is an inspection done right! Call us when you’re ready to anchor down.

internachi certified

We are INTERnachi certified which means our inspectors are the best of the best at finding all of the little things. We are continuously learning new strategies and taking new training to improve our skills for you.

about us

Here at Anchor Down, we understand that your home is likely the largest single investment you’ll ever make. We are here to alleviate the home buying/selling process for you and give you piece of mind that your new home is exactly the quality you desire and deserve.

By entrusting Anchor Down, you can be sure Scott, our interNACHI certified home inspector, will conduct a diligent, thorough inspection of your home and provide you with a clear and concise report within 24 hours.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients and giving you the confidence that you are investing wisely.

What We Do

We care about your home being safe just as much as you do. To prevent anything bad from happening, our home inspection includes everything: top to bottom, basement to attic.

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